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How to Qualify

You will need either a driver’s license or state ID, and recent proof of monthly income

Car Depot is a used car dealership that specializes in flexible and affordable solutions for any type of situation. Also, our easy approval process can get you into a vehicle regardless of past or current credit history.

We are trained to work with anything including bankruptcies, repos, and more. We also have programs such as, buy here pay here, leasing, and more. Cash vehicles available in inventory too. How to qualify for one of our programs? You will need a license or ID, along with recent proof of income. Looking for a reliable vehicle? Our free warranty specials can make any repairs much easier. 

Another option is our trade-in program. You can trade-in your vehicle for no money down today. Finally, with flexible payment plans, and trade-in programs Car Depot is Detroit’s top choice when purchasing a used vehicle.View our inventory online now.

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