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Accepting All Trade-Ins

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“See my man Alex or Van they will hook you up – they work with you. They accept all credit and all trade-ins, they looked out for me. I wasn’t driving yesterday, now look what I’m in!”

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Walk In and Drive Out

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“Got a new ride today- they will set you straight! Walk in and pull out!

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Fast Approvals

“I was have trouble getting a vehicle, within an hour and a half I left with one!”

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Car Depot Worked Miracles!

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“This should have been my first choice – I have been turned down so many times and they worked miracles!”

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Driving Away Today

“Alex was very helpful, we heard about Car Depot on Facebook. We are about to be driving away in a new car!”

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Less Stress

“I had a very satisfying experience. Less stress on the chest. They got me in and out but also made me feel special. I felt like I was their top priority

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Any Situation

“I have literally been everywhere to find a car, so I came to Car Depot and Alex got me in one. This has been really a rough road, but Car Depot got me together. I’m so happy!”

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$0 Down

Get approved for $0 down with any type of credit score or history!

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