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Caddy Baby

used cadillac for sale detroit

“They will mess with you when nobody else will – they put me in a ride – CADDY BABY, CADDY BABY!!

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Vehicle for the Family

“I really want to thank Car Depot for stepping out on faith. My credit isn’t good but I have a job. I needed someone to take a chance on me
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Challenging Credit

“I came here with very challenging credit. They were able to approve me with only $500 down. Now I’m driving out with a new vehicle, it’s a good place to go to. I encourage everybody to come here and get a car from them”

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No Cosigner Needed

I’ve been looking everywhere for a vehicle- my credit is bad, and other dealers said I needed someone to cosign. I came to Car Depot and I was able to get approved, which  was very good for me. I had to do a very low down payment when others wanted $2,000-$3,0000. They were able to get me a car that I would be able to use for a very long time. Car Depot is a good place, they will most definitely help you out

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Choose Your Vehicle

“Thanks to Car Depot they hooked me up with the car I wanted. Even with challenged credit, I still got what I wanted”

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“My credit score was shot to nowhere. I came in, had no money, they got me a great deal. They got me approved for everything.”

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Prior Repos

“I have bad credit, a bankruptcy, repos and a bad situation because my car got totaled. I came to Car Depot, the process was fast and easy. They got me approved and I’m driving out the same day”

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Low Down Payment

“Alex hooked me up with a very low down payment, even with challenged credit

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Any Situation

“I have literally been everywhere to find a car, so I came to Car Depot and Alex got me in one. This has been really a rough road, but Car Depot got me together. I’m so happy!”

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