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Walk In and Drive Out

car depot detroit customer

“Got a new ride today- they will set you straight!¬†Walk in and pull out!

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Looking For Something Special

car depot reviews

“I came down to Car Depot, I was looking for something special and unique – I found it. Come to Car Depot and you’ll get the best!”

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Kicking off 2019

Car Depot Tax Refund

“They just hooked me up with a ride. I had to pay $500 down, and it is for real. Come up here and let Van hook you up!”
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Customer Service

“Glad I came here – Van stayed working with me and made sure I was able to get in a car. You can’t ask for anything better than that – someone that will work with you”
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November 2018 Customer

“They will work wonders for you”

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Driving Away Today

“Alex was very helpful, we heard about Car Depot on Facebook. We are about to be driving away in a new car!”

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Less Stress

“I had a very satisfying experience. Less stress on the chest. They got me in and out but also made me feel special. I felt like I was their top priority

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Fast Approvals

Easy and hassle-free process at Car Depot. Get approved today.

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